VIOFO A118C2 V2 Version Car DVR 1.5 Inch Car Camcorder 1080P Car Recorder With GPS Module

Feature:1.Loop Recording.Video files are normally saved every 3 minutes,but you can change the time interval to 1 or 5 minutes or turn off loop recording entirely.If off,recording ceases once the memory card fills up.2.WDR.Wide dynamic range capability helps reveal details when the scene contains extremely bright and dark areas.If WDR is turned off while driving toward a risingor setting sun,for instance,objects that come between you and the horizon may appear very dark.WDR is turned on by default.3.Motion Detection.Since a dash cam is mainly used when your car or vehicles in view are moving,the camera's motion detection capability is set to off by default.However,you can turn if on so that the camera starts recording only when it detects motion.4.Record Audio.Video is normally recorded with audio,but you can turn off the microphone.When the mic is off,the LED labled mic,which normally glows red,willnot be lit and a slash will appear over a mic icon on the screen.5.Date Stamp.The data stamp is normally superimposed on a corner of the picture,but you can disable it on recordings going forward.6.GPS.The camera using an optional accessory can access the Global Positioning System for embedding location information in videos and photographs.The tinyreceiver plugs into a dedicated port on the camera.GPS access is turned off by default.7.G-Sensor.The camera has a built-in shock detector called the G-sensor.In the case of a severe collision,the camera locks the video recorded at the time and displays alock icon on the screen.The file is saved to the RO("Read Only")directory so that is won't later be overwritten by loop recording.8.Auto Power Off.The camera can be set to stay on indefinitely or automatically turn off after not being used for 1-,3- of 5 minutes.If the camera has shut down,press the power button to restart it.9.Beep Sound.By default,the camera emits a beep whenever you press a button. If you prefer,you can turn it off.10.Language.You can set the language used in menus to:English,Spanish,Portuguese, German,Italian,Sinplified Chinese,Traditional Chineses,Russian or Janpanese.11.TV Mode.Set the TV mode to NTSC(North America)or PAL.12.Frequency.Though the default is 50HZ,change it to 60 HZ if you live in North America.While the setting doesn't impact natural lighting,man-made lighting mayappear to flicker if incorrectly set.13.Attaching the camera to a PC.When you connect the camera to your computer using the included USB cable,the camera's display will offer you the choice of PC Cameraor Mass Storage.Navigate the highlight bar using the Rec or Mic button and press OK.If PC Camera,you will need to ues a program like Skype.If Mass Storage,you willbe able to view a directly of all video and photo files on the camera's memory card.You can play files derectly from the camera,transfer them to your computer or delete them.Specification:
Image Sensor 3 MP
Angle Of View 130°
Lens Rotation(Vertical) 85°
LCD Size 1.5 inch
Video Resolution 1080P,720P,480P
Frame Rate 30 fps(1080P),30- or 60fps(720P),30 fps(480P)
Video Format H.264,MOV
Photo Format JPG.
Ports Mini USB,AV out,GPS
Internal Memory None usable
Memory Card Slot Micro SD
Maximum Capacity 64GB
External Power Supply Mini USB 5-pin interface and USB 5V
Battery None;capacity IC
Operating Current 400 MA
Quiescent Current 20 MA
Storage Temperature -4 to 158°F(-20 to 70℃)
Operating Temperature 14 to 140°F(-10 to 60℃)
Operating Humidity 15% to 65%(RH)
Operating System Support Windows
In-car Charging Cable Length 13 inch(4m)
USB Cable Length 30 inch(76cm)
Size 2.8 inch*2 inch*1.7 inch(7.2x5.2x4.3cm)excluding bracket
Weight 2.3 oz.(66g)
Package Included:
1 X A118C2 Camera 1 X In-Car Charging Cable
1 X USB Data Cable 1 X Mounting Plate
1 X Cable-cover Mount Extension 1 X Five Cable Mount Hooks
1 X Extra Mounting Plate Adhesive Pad 1 X String And Screw
1 X GPS Module 1 X User Manual