CT203 12M 1080 FHD 120 Degree 2.2 Inch LCD Screen Car DVR DV Driving Recorder

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CT203 12M 1080 FHD 120 Degree 2.2 Inch LCD Screen Car DVR DV Driving RecorderFeature:1.Gravity sensing functionWhen gravity is activated, the machine automatically saves the video at the time of the accident as a non-erasable file.Gravity sensor can be adjusted in the menu 2G-4G-8G-off, factory default: 4G.2.Parking mode function1) When the parking mode is turned on, when the vehicle is stalled, the driving recorder will enter the automatic shutdown procedure. If the vehicle body receives the vibration caused by the external force, the driving recorder will open the camera and record it automatically after 10-15 seconds. When the vehicle body is detected again After the vibration, start the camera again.2)Parking guard video for 1080FHP 15 frames / sec, and automatically lock the file.3.Motion detection;When the motion detection is turned on, when the object is moved, the recorder starts recording, the recorder screen jumps to the recording state, and the red video indicator starts flashing. If the front of the recorder is still, there is no moving object, the machine automatically enters Stop recording status. Default setting: motion detection off. 4.USB modeWill USB cable and computer connection, driving recorder will automatically pop up the USB menu, the following options will appear:1)MemoryIn this mode, you can access video files or photo files.2)CameraSelecting this mode will pop up the USB video device as a PC camera.5.Battery instructionsRefer to the illustration for battery power indication:                                                          Full battery         slightly low battery         low battery             battery empty     After turning on the car, the red charging indicator will light up during charging, the entire charging time is about 180 minutes, the red charge indicator will automatically turn off after charging.Note: The device is to follow the car driving state for a long time, built-in battery is only designed to save the file shutdown, so the battery length of work is limited, in the daily use please link car power.6.ResetIf you use the process, the machine is abnormal or crash situation, you can through the small needle through the small holes in the shell press the RESET button on the machine system reset operation.Specification:
Feature 120 degrees wide angle, 1080FHD HD
G-sensor Built-in (accidentally saved in case of accident in the car, not deleted)
LCD screen size 2.2 inch high-definition LCD screen
Lens 120 degrees A + level high resolution ultra wide angle lens
Language Russian, English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Japanese and so on
file format  AVI
Video resolution  Up to 1080FHD
Year and month stand by
Camera mode 12 million
Photo format JPEG
storage card TF Maximum support 32G
microphone stand by
Built-in sound stand by
HDMI not support
Infrared night vision not support
Color effect standard
Uninterrupted loop recording Seamless loop recording, no seconds left
USB function 1: USB-Disk 2: PC-Camera
Car switch machine stand by
Current frequency 50HZ/60HZ
Car ignition boot Turn off the power
Power interface 5V 0.5A
Motion detection function stand by 
battery Built-in 150mAh
Package Included:1 X Car DVR