PanoClip Panoramic Mobile Phone Lens 360 External Fisheye Camera Shooting For iPhone

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Description:1. Sharing the current high-tech products. 2. A technological and cultural product with visual impact.3. The geek house brings a new opportunity for the design of the current frontier.4. For the majority of technology enthusiasts, outdoor life lovers, small art and small fresh people bring.
Feature:Materials: 100% PolycarbonateWeight: 66g (For iPhone X)
             73g (For iPhone 7P/8P)             70g (For iPhone 7/8) Dimension: 71.1mm*16.8mm*19.4mm (For iPhone 7/8)                    82.4mm*17.7mm*20.7mm (For iPhone 7P/8P)                    70.0mm*17.6mm*20.6mm (For iPhone X)Package Included:1 X Mobile Phone Lens