XIAOMI Meavon Electric Fascia Massager Guns Smart Deep Muscle Relaxation Vibration Massager Muscle Pain Relief Stimulator W/ 4 Heads - EU

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Dark Grey

Power supply

Rechargeable lithium battery

Main material PC/light fiberglass(Massage Massager Body), Nylon (Massage Head)

Charging method

Wireless charging

Battery Capacity 2900 mAh

Working Environment temperature



Muscle Relex Apparatus


* 5 kinds of intensity intelligent dual mode, from shallow to deep, intelligent massage

* Built-in 2900mAh long-acting energy storage lithium battery, massages for 10 minutes a day, and can be used continuously for about 84 days.

* Intelligent massage mode, professional techniques, comparable to massage masters

* Choose a professional fitness mode after exercise to relax tight muscles, which can eliminate accumulated lactic acid, drive away sore fatigue.

* High-speed impact of 3200 rpm, it instantly penetrates 10mm deep muscle groups and takes away sore fatigue.

* 45dB low noise.

The original patented noise reduction structure is combined with a silent brushless motor.

* 4 professional massage heads to take care of every muscle group


10 minutes intelligent protection. In order to avoid the massage of the same part for too long and damage the muscles and bones, the fascia Massager is equipped with intelligent timing protection.

Usage Time:

1. Shoulder, 15-20s, 3 times

2. Chest, 30s

3. Back , 30s-1min, 3 times

4. Buttocks, 30s-1min, 4 times

5. Legs, 20s-30s, 3 times

6. Foot, 20-30s, 3 times

4 Massage Heads:

-Spherical head

Suitable for massaging muscles such as arms, lower back, hips, thighs, and calves

U-shaped head

Suitable for massaging shoulder, sides of spine, Achilles tendon

-Cylindrical head

Suitable for impacting deep tissues such as meridians, palms, soles

Flat head

Suitable for relaxation and shaping of various muscle parts

Package included:

1x Electric Massage Guns

4x Massage Heads

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